Clatsop College opts out

The Clatsop Community College Board voted this evening (Tuesday, January 24, 2017) to opt out of Linn County’s $1.4 billion class action timber lawsuit against the state.

The vote was 4 to 3 with Patrick Wingard, Anne Teaford-Cantor, Esther Moberg and Tessa James Scheller voting to opt out. Karen Burke, Robert Duehmig and Rosemary Baker-Monaghan would have preferred to take no action and be automatically opted in.

Two of the opt-out board members said afterward that your letters made a difference!

No testimony was taken at the meeting.  Several members of the public came prepared to speak to the college board, most of them to argue for opting out.  But Chair Baker-Monaghan said members had been studying the issue and had likely taken positions.

She opted instead to go around the table and have each board member state his or her position on the suit.  When it became clear that a majority favored opting out and no one wanted to change their position, an opt out was declared and the meeting was ended to applause from the audience.

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