More on Jordan Cove & pipeline

Long time Lower Columbia NO-LNGers will recognize the frustration expressed by Stacey McLaughlin in the message below.

Douglas County’s Pacific Connector Pipeline Affected Landowners need some advice and maybe some help – here’s the deal:

1.) Landowners John Clarke, Stacey McLaughlin, Francis Eatherington and Pamela Brown Ordway have appealed (on behalf of all opposing landowners) the Douglas County Planning Department’s continual granting of extensions of the 2009 Conditional Use Permit allowing for the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline to traverse through farm forest lands in the Coastal Zone Management Area. After numerous pleas to Commissioners and the Planning Director, Keith Cubic, County Planning Director extended the CUP permit for the sixth time even after FERC denied the project in December 2016. Douglas County is now represented against these four landowners by Pacific Connector’s attorney Seth King of Perkins Coie in Portland. These landowners are representing themselves against Veresen’s international law firm with over 1000 attorneys in the United States and Asia. “We spent $40,000 the last time and we simply can’t stand up to them financially, so we have to hope for fairness and luck.”

2.) A letter was written to each member of the Board of Directors for the Roseburg Area Chamber of Commerce asking that impacted landowners be given an opportunity to discuss their concerns about the pipeline. Chamber CEO Debbie Fromdahl responded, ” thank you for your opinions and comments . . . the Chamber maintains its support and will continue to advocate for the Jordan Cove LNG & Pacific Connector pipeline project, a position it has held since 2009.” No offer was made to hear the other side of the story. Board members refused to discuss the issue when calls were made to them directly.

After more than 13 years of harassment and bullying, Veresen is at it again with their Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline. Landowners are feeling very discouraged and frankly, hurt and offended that Veresen, Inc., the Canadian corporation is being given more consideration and respect than the people who live here. Landowners pay taxes to support Douglas County and are consumers of many of the Chamber businesses. What do you think we should do as a community to hold the Commissioners and the Chamber of Commerce accountable?

Veresen’s Project Manager told me at the Canyonville Open house that landowners refusing to enter easement agreements will be taken to court and eminent domain proceedings initiated; Betsy Spomer, Veresen’s Jordan Cove CEO was standing there when he said it. JCPC tells the media one story and when confronting a landowner who is against the project the tone and motivation changes dramatically.

One idea was to ask individuals to contact both the Commissioners and the Chamber Board directly, to advocate for landowners and voice opposition to the project. If you like this idea and are so inclined here are the Chamber Board members and their easily Googled phone numbers and the phone number to the Courthouse to reach Commissioners. Perhaps give them a call and advocate for your neighbors who truly are David standing against Goliath. OR, shall we have a call-in day where the impact might be greater?

Angela Brown – Southern Oregon Credit Service (541) 464-8414
Toby Luther – Lone Rock Timber (541) 673-0141
*Rheanna Mosier – Elwood Staffing (541) 673-3200
Pete Carhart – Knife River Materials (541) 679-6744
Diana Knous – Pacific Power 1-888-221-7070
John Murphy – Farmers Insurance (541) 672-4004
Allen Pike – Windmill Inn of Roseburg (541) 673-0901
Barry Robinson – AmeriTitle, Inc. (541) 672-3427
Steve Tavernier – Roseburg Forest Products (541) 679.3311
Michael Widmer – Umpqua Bank (541) 677-1665
Debbie Fromdahl – President & Chamber CEO (541) 672-2648

Commissioners Chris Boice 541 440-4210
Gary Leif 541 440-4201
Tim Freeman 541 550-4201

Are you interested in an opportunity for open dialog about this divisive and dangerous issue facing our community with civic leaders? Please let us know your ideas for a forum for both sides of the story to be told by sharing in a return email to me.

Thanks for your consideration and your time; on behalf of my fellow landowners know that we are grateful when you show up and you show support. You rock!


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