Coos, Nukes and Resorts


Talk about David versus Goliath….this has turned into absurdity in Coos County thanks to Jordan Cove pouring an unprecedented amount of money into Portland firms all hired to do what they can to kill 6-162 the Sustainable Energy Future initiative. Could it be they think they are going to lose? They have now kicked in a total of $668,500 to scare and mislead voters in order to try and get the outcome to go their way. It’s worth noting they say it’s “unconstitutional”. If that were true, why spend all this money? The Coos initiative is asking for the right for local “we the people” folks in Coos County to decide the energy future they want, not a corporation…but Jordan Cove, by dumping buckets of money, seems quite fearful of what the people might decide if left to their own devices. And so we get to the heart of the matter….who should get to decide this election outcome and our futures? The people of Coos County, or the money of Jordan Cove?

The story has now gone statewide and national. Many LTE’s have poured into The World–the local Coos County newspaper and this one particularly touched me as Larry and Sylvia became a part of this story recently when they learned their property is smack in the way of the horizontal directional drill proposed for Haynes Inlet (this after the state has said no to trenching the pipe down through the middle of the inlet to Jordan Cove). Here’s a full spread story on the Mangan’s place.

Some of us have been fighting this project as landowners in the right of way of this proposed Pacific COnnector Pipeline for over 10 years with many saying a resounding NO to the company. Not just because it’s an affront to our own private property, interests and safety, but because it takes a resource that could be used with FAR less of a carbon footprint right here in the U.S. (LNG is crazily energy intensive), because it will compete with renewable energy elsewhere and has the very real possibility of becoming a stranded asset, because they want to build this all in the Cascadia Subduction tsunami inundation zone, because LNG with all its methane leakage and energy intensity is worse than coal, because some of us believe that taking fossil fuels out of the ground is no longer possible if we want to reverse the disaster of climate change and ensure a future our kids and their kids can thrive in.

Again….If you have the capacity to help Mary, Colin and the crew in Coos County advocating YES on 6-162 for a sustainable energy future and against the use of eminent domain…..NOW IS THE TIME. Please help where you can. “We the People” include all the rest of us in Oregon and beyond that will also suffer the long term consequences of perpetuating the use of LNG export for 20-30 years.
Deb Evans


Senate Bill 990

A late-breaking warning of a dangerous bill that already passed the Oregon Senate, to effectively reverse the 1980 voter-passed initiative severely restricting nuclear plants in Oregon. They’re being sneaky about it; even Marbet only just caught on. It’s mainly to benefit a local Corvallis business, Nuscale, that is designing “small”, modular power reactors, so Corvallis representatives have a conflict of interest.

Marbet says it isn’t in committee yet in the House. Each of you needs to write to your own Or. Representative to oppose it. This is a push for neighborhood nukes! The attached fact sheet that Dana got from PSR should help. Also find out if your own Senator voted for it, as Sara Gelser did, and give them heck.

Michael Manzulli
Attorney at Law
Tolovana Park



HB 2031A, having already passed the House, is scheduled for a hearing before Senate Environment and Natural Resources on Monday, May 15 at 3:00 pm. It is really important to get coastal testimony in against the bill.

This is the bill that extends the deadline again for a Metolius Resort developer to “elect” to place his resort at another location in Oregon since the Metolius Basin was protected. Clatsop County is a listed place. Worse, this is a “super-siting” bill that changes the rules for the developer so he can site the resort in a particular location: Bradwood Landing. Bradwood is the favored site, from all we have heard. The bill removes “Coastal Shorelands” as a prohibited area where the resort may NOT be sited. It also removes “areas subject to natural hazard” as a prohibited area. Result: the resort can be sited in coastal shorelands, in a natural hazard-mapped location!

Testimony from concerned coastal residents is very important for Sen. Dembrow, and also Sen. Roblan (a south/central coast Senator who sits on the Committee). Please get testimony in from people who know the Bradwood site and can write a letter of concern by Monday morning, May 15th.

Senate Environment and Natural Resources:
Sen. Michael Dembrow:
Sen. Arnie Roblan:
Cameron La Follette
Executive Director
Oregon Coast Alliance

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