June CREATE Meeting, Thursday 6/15

June CREATE Meeting
Thursday, June 15, 6pm
Blue Scorcher


1. Fracked Gas to Methanol in Kalama – some permits issued.  (Dan Serres)

2. Oil-by-rail – Vancouver (Tesoro Savage) & Port Westward (Global Partners) both pushing to expand oil-by-rail.  (Dan Serres)

3. Jordan Cove LNG – scoping open. FERC is back. Hearings in June!  (Serres)

4. Astoria Council Resolution to protect the Columbia  (Pamela M2)

5. Report from Forest Interest Group

As always, your suggestions for agenda additions are welcome.


KMUN will air Barbara Bernstein’s latest radio documentary, SACRIFICE ZONES in two parts.  Part One will be on at 9am tomorrow, TUESDAY 6/13 and Part Two will air at 9am on 6/20.  Here is a description of the program, which includes Dan Serres, Cheryl Johnson and Laurie Caplan.

“Since 2003 a rash of proposals have surfaced in communities throughout the Northwest to export vast amounts of fossil fuels to Asian markets via Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. If these plans go through the Northwest would become home to the largest oil terminal in North America, the largest coal export facility in North America and the largest methanol refinery in the world.

SACRIFICE ZONES is a story about the pressure to transform a region of iconic landscapes and environmental stewardship into a global center for shipping fossil fuels. This one-hour radio documentary investigates how petrochemical development of the scale being proposed for the Pacific Northwest threatens the region’s core cultural, social and environmental values. And it shows how opposition to these proposals has inspired the broadest and most vocal coalition of individuals and groups ever assembled in the Northwest, a Thin Green Line of opposition that has so far slowed or stopped all the fossil fuel projects being proposed.

In SACRIFICE ZONES we hear from Native American tribes, longshoremen, environmentalists, business leaders, health care professionals, first responders and local residents along the blast zones of oil trains and terminals, who are raising their voices in public hearings, court proceedings, rallies and marches.”


From Mike Cook of Tillamook County who spoke to our CREATE group in April:

You may have already seen this alert, but, please do contact your legislators.  Oregon’s existing and successful low carbon fuel standards are threatened to be gutted in legislative wrangling over the proposed transportation package.  To accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy, we need all three.  The CleanEnergyBill provides the overall market based framework for this transition over the next 30 years.  Over that time it will contribute an estimated $500 million annually to transition the transportation sector.  And, we need to manage Oregon emissions now to address the immediate public health impacts.  With Oregon’s commitment to the global Climate Alliance and business on board as shown in the recent Oregonian editorial, we have the momentum now to move forward.  Let’s not let short sighted political maneuverings step us backwards when the rest of the world is marching forward.

Background:  Emboldened by federal action to undo climate commitments, big oil is using the final weeks of our legislature to push a rollback of one of Oregon’s most innovative and effective clean air protections, the Clean Fuels Standard.

Oregon’s Clean Fuels Standard is already a big success: reducing air pollution and bringing business investment into our state. In the first year, Clean Fuels slashed 775,000 tons of climate pollution, the same as taking 164,000 gas cars off the road for a year.

Contact: (please leave your return phone number)

Rep. Deborah Boone: Rep.DeborahBoone@oregonlegislature.gov, 503-986-1432

Sen. Betsy Johnson, Sen.BetsyJohnson@oregonlegislature.gov, 503-986-1716

Rep. David Gomberg: Rep.DavidGomberg@oregonlegislature.gov, 503-986-1410

Senator Arnie Roblan: Sen.ArnieRoblan@oregonlegislature.gov, 503-986-1705


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