Thursday, August 17
6pm to 8pm, Blue Scorcher

1. Jordan Cove LNG – It’s time they stopped passing gas  (Dan)

2. Last Tesoro hearing – The Washington Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) will hold one final public hearing on Tuesday, August 22 in Vancouver.  Take action to oppose Tesoro’s water pollution permit  (Dan)

3. Port Westward rezone – What happened?  What comes next?  (Dan)

4.  Astoria resolution against upriver oil  (3 cheers)

5.  Tongue Point concerns  (Josie Peper and Frank Spence)

Josie wants to make sure Tongue Point never becomes a fossil fuel base and she has been discussing this with Frank

Frank:  No fuel terminals.  Hyat builds tugs and barges, on land.  The remaining company WCT that is there now only repairs boats, on land in their hanger.  I’m forwarding a copy of your email to Jim Knight, the Executive Director, for his thoughts.  Believe me, we are as concerned about preserving our environment as much as you are, and we have DEQ and FEMA looking over our shoulder to make sure we comply.

Josie:  I guess my concern is not so much with the tug company, but with whatever may happen with the property down the road – people (and companies) can be bought, and if there are no conditions placed on the property, future tenants can do whatever they want and the port would have little, if anything, to say about it. 

6.  Love Your Columbia Day (Kathleen)


Other News:

*  Protest event in St. Helens to encourage Chase Bank (JP Morgan) to stop their funding of tar sands pipelines.  Wednesday, 23 August 2017 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM.  Chase Bank Branch at 1934 Columbia Blvd St. Helens.  Organizer:  Troy Horton, 503-755-0213.

* Antarctica – An Interesting Place but Why Should We Care? 

Presented by Dr. Scott Borg, Section Head – Antarctic Infrastructure and Logistics, Office of Polar Programs, Geosciences Directorate at the National Science Foundation.

Sunday, August 27 starts at 6:00 pm      FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
Astoria Senior Center 1111 Exchange Street 

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