Agenda, 11/16/17

Columbia River Estuary Action Team (CREATe)
Agenda for Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017
6pm, Blue Scorcher Bakery and Cafe
6:00pm – Arrive, chat, mosey around, get coffee, settle in, be ready for:
6:10pm –  Report from Dan Serres via carrier pigeon or Skype
( Dan will be working at a Jordan Cove educational event in Portland)
6:20pm – Mike Cook requesting CREATe endorsement of the Clean Energy Jobs Bill     (info attached)
6:40pm –  Report from the Forest Interest Group
6:45pm –  Guest Speaker:  Presentation and documentary (“Behind the Emerald Curtain”) from Nancy Webster of Rockaway Beach Citizens for Watershed Protection
From Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky and Regna Merritt, Co-Directors of the Power Past Coal coalition:
Today, 11/14, the proposed Millennium coal export terminal was delivered another major roadblock. The Cowlitz County Hearing Examiner denied two shoreline use permits for the proposed Millennium coal export terminal for failing to meet the requirements of the Shoreline Management Act.  This decision marks the fourth independent denial of project permits. Without these permits, Millennium cannot go forward.
From Rogue Riverkeeper – Make a call – On Wednesday, November 15, call Governor Brown and leave her a message asking her to stop the fracked gas project in Oregon. Here’s a script with example talking points, a form for you to track your call, and a Facebook page to spread the word.
Update session on developing the draft Environmental Impact Statement for Columbia River System Operations.
Thursday, December 7, Portland Convention Center
(info attached)


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