CREATe Endorses Clean Energy Jobs Bill

The Columbia River Estuary Action Team endorses Oregon Senate Bill 1070, known as the Clean Energy Jobs bill.

CREATe’s mission is to protect the health of the rich and productive Columbia River Estuary, the life it supports and the many livelihoods that depend upon it.

Senate Bill 1070 is an opportunity for Oregon legislators to take significant action in slowing climate change and speeding the transition to clean energy and greater energy efficiency, at the same time boosting local economies.

The health of the Estuary and the Lower Columbia River is showing evidence of damage from increasing water temperatures. The survival rate of juvenile Salmon in the transition from Fry to Smoot is disturbingly low. Meanwhile, proposals for gigantic, foreign-backed fossil fuel facilities upriver pose the danger of catastrophic damage to the Estuary, its environment and its economy.

In brief, the Clean Energy Jobs Bill would:
* Create a limit, or cap, on Oregon’s climate pollution that lowers each year;
* Set a price on each ton of climate pollution emitted by large utilities, fossil fuel companies, and the other biggest sources of pollution (those who emit 25,000 tons or more per year, the equivalent of burning 133 rail cars of coal);
* Reinvest the proceeds in clean energy solutions – like solar and wind power, energy efficient homes and businesses, public transit, electric vehicles, and healthier communities. The bill prioritizes investment in communities hit first and worst by climate change.

CREATe believes the principles of Senate Bill 1070 reflect the values of the majority of Oregon citizens and present an opportunity for the state to take a major step toward health and sustainability for future generations.

At its regular meeting on November 16, 2017, the members of CREATe resolved to endorse the Clean Energy Jobs Bill and urge it’s adoption in the 2018 legislative session.

Respectfully submitted by:
Roger Rocka
CREATe Co-Facilitator

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