Need for stronger forest law

Did you know that when a forest is clearcut we lose topsoil that took thousands of years to accumulate? And that it washes into our streams and then has to be treated and filtered out of our drinking water? That’s just one part of what’s wrong with current forest practices in Oregon.

The CREATe-ors at last night’s meeting wished the two videos we watched could be seen by everyone in Oregon. Below are links where you can view those videos. Watch them yourself and pass along the links to others.

This is Our Watershed

Behind the Emerald Curtain

Change can come through strengthening the relatively weak Oregon Forest Practices Act. It was urged that we attend meetings of the Board of Forestry whenever possible.

Oregon Board of Forestry meeting schedule
Contact info:
Board S​upport Office
2600 State Street
Salem, OR 97310
Phone: 503-945-7210​

Please note: The December CREATe meeting would fall right before Christmas. Many of our members will be busy and/or traveling so we’re going to skip it. We’ll meet again on Thursday, January 18 at 6pm at the Blue Scorcher. Happy Whatever-You-Celebrate!


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