News about Call to Life, Pesticides & Clean Energy Jobs Bill

From Nancy Cook:

Hello good leaders in stewardship, conservation, sustainability, local food, and environmental justice. 

You are receiving this email because we believe your organization is part of the solution in our community’s task to combat climate change and related species extinction.  Hence, we invite you to play a role in a free community event at the Liberty Theater.  

On Friday April 20th, Clatsop Community College’s Arts & Ideas Committee and partners will host Oregon writer and climate-justice advocate Kathleen Dean Moore and OSU pianist Rachelle McCabe as they present “Call to Life: Variations on a Theme of Extinction.” 
Learn more this dynamic performance in the attached PDF or at this link.

The college has received an Oregon Humanities Responsive Program Grant to rent the theater and cover other costs for the performance, which will be free to the public. The Cannery Pier Hotel will be hosting our guests. And we would like to publicize your role as co-sponsors. There would be no charge to your organization. As co-sponsor, you will receive table or easel space in the Liberty Lobby to share what you do with an audience concerned about our climate future and its connections to ecological diversity, clean water, clean air, and healthy communities. 

Part of our vision is that attendees will not only witness the Moore/McCabe performance, but more importantly connect with neighbors and learn about opportunities to be part of community-based solutions.  

As Kathleen Moore writes, 
“The cosmic challenge of our time is to recreate our humanity through this great crisis [of climate change].  This means not just saving our species, but realizing our full humanity as it evolves in kinship with all the world’s blooming, bellowing lives so that we can learn what it means to live in concert with the Earth.  
I know Kathleen to be an amazing elder, a beautiful writer,  a committed and creative activist, and a gentle, inspired spirit.  I am so honored to bring her to our town.  We welcome your group’s participation to make this event as meaningful as possible.
The Call to Life performance itself, 48 minutes, will begin at 7 pm, and be followed by approximately 20 minutes of facilitated audience engagement, Q&A, and a heart-raising closing singalong.  We hope audience members will arrive at 6:30 and enter and leave through a Liberty lobby filled with colorful information, light refreshments, and all of YOU: engaged leaders sharing what you do in the community. 
I’m picturing an event similar to the Liberty’s annual “Gifts that Make A Difference,” but with an emphasis on green living. This might be a chance to recruit folks for other Earth Day weekend activities, or just to share information. 
We envision the event to include:
    –Representatives from local faith communities sharing their mission in relation to environmental justice.  
    –The Library with a table of relevant books.  
    –Light refreshments and locally brewed beverages.
    –CCC Art Students sharing inviting audience members to “leave their mark”
    –Hopefully the Wildlife Center can bring a rescue bird.  
    –Hopefully SOLVE can educate audience members about upcoming beach cleanups. 
    –Hopefully CREATE can offer an update on its efforts.  
    –Hopefully our local Parks and Watershed Councils will be present.  
    –Hopefully the Astoria Food Coop, OSU Extension Sustainable Seafood, and North Coast Food Web will be there to remind us how “Making Local Habit” and supporting our local-food movement shapes our collective future with carbon, pesticides, and more. 
And that’s by no mean an inclusive list. 

We are also working out logistics to offer a children’s eARTh ART program in the lower level of the theater, so there’s potential for an organization to help with kids outreach as well. 

In upcoming weeks, we will be developing publicity to invite the public to this event.  We will also need to plan how best to use the Liberty lobby space.  If this is something your organization wants to be a part of, please let me know before March 10th.  And feel free to call or email with any questions about how to best make this a truly marvelous Earth Day In-Gathering for our community.   

This Earth Day we want to celebrate what you do! And offer opportunity to network, recruit, renew. 

Hope to hear from you!
Nancy Cook
From OSHA re: Pesticides
Oregon OSHA – Further Extension of Comment Period for Pesticide Rules
The Fiscal Impact Advisory Committee (FIAC) has concluded its work on the financial impact of the proposed Worker Protection Standard rulemaking. 

Oregon OSHA appointed a Fiscal Impact Advisory Committee to provide additional analysis as part of the agency’s updates to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Worker Protection Standard. The committee included both grower and worker representatives. The committee finished its work in February with an Amended Statement of Need and Fiscal Impact.

Oregon OSHA has again extended the public comment period on proposed additional safeguards against pesticide drift. This decision moves the deadline from February 28 to March 15, 2018. This allows more time for the public to comment on the proposed rules while considering the revised statement of need and fiscal impact. 

Oregon OSHA decided to appoint a Fiscal Advisory Committee in response to the request from the Columbia Fruit Growers (CGFG), which was received November 3, 2017. In that letter, CGFG objected to the Fiscal Impact Statement filed in the rulemaking and requested that a FIAC be appointed.

Oregon OSHA’s rule proposals add protections to the EPA’s Application Exclusion Zone. The zone surrounds and moves with pesticide-spray equipment during applications. It must be free of all people other than appropriately trained and equipped pesticide handlers.
To learn more about Oregon OSHA’s rule proposals and review the Amended Statement of Need and Fiscal Impact, visit:

To learn more about the Fiscal Impact Advisory Committee, visit:

Extending the comment period through March 15, 2018 marks the third time Oregon OSHA has allowed more time to review and remark on the rule proposals. The comment period was originally scheduled to end Dec. 15. 

To comment: 

Department of Consumer and Business Services/Oregon OSHA
350 Winter St. NE
Salem, OR 97301-3882
Fax: 503-947-7461
From Mike Cook:
Huge successes to report, but BIGGER HURDLES  in the next 2 weeks.
Lobby Day was a huge success and we expanded our NorthCoast contingent to South Tillamook, Clatsop and Columbia Counties.  The show of 500+ ralliers helped push over approvals in the Senate (SB1507) and House  (HB4001)Committees, and on to each of the respective Rules committees.  Sen. Arnie Roblan is on house Rules and needs some serious attention from you in South County.
The rest of us need to phone, e-mail our personal messages to the others.  On top of legislative wrangling, there seems to be a malaise in the lobbying efforts to simply protect the bills for the ‘19 session.  So, civility and brevity, but, spark, passion, determined voices are needed now.
Passion points:
-10 years in process, we need no more time, it’s tested and proven process..clean energy, growing economies.
-2019 is not an option.  We need to start now, we can’t put off this potential resource to fund resiliency efforts in the face of increasing coastal storm, fire, flooding, slide, power, risks
-We can’t afford wrestling for power in the capitol at the cost of our children’s, state’s and world’s future.
-Keep it personal, local and in your place as his or her constituent.
North Coast News:
-See Pamela  Mattson-McDonald’s Hipfish comprehensive explanation and local application of the bills.  Go to page 9 on this link.  Thanks Pamela
-See this story of my recent sculptural representation of the bills just placed in the Governor’s office.  Debby Boone arranged this for the  ‘18 session
-See Jeremy Clark’s testimony from last year for some motivation for your writing
Legislator Contact: (***bill supporter in OLCV scoreboard)
Representative Deborah Boone***
Phone: 503-986-1432, Address: 900 Court St NE, H-481, Salem, OR, 97301
Senator Betsy Johnson
Phone: 503-986-1716, Address: 900 Court St NE, S-209, Salem, OR 97301

Senator Arnie Roblan***
Phone: 503-986-1705, Address: 900 Court St NE, S-417, Salem, OR, 97301

Representative David Gomberg***
Phone: 503-986-1410, Address: 900 Court St NE, H-471, Salem, OR, 97301

Representative Brad Witt
Phone: 503-986-1431, Address: 900 Court St NE, H-374 Salem, OR, 97301

OK, let’s get to work.
North Coast CleanEnergyJobs Campaign Team
Mike 503-368-7391
Annie 503-801-6556
Jacob 253-861-8095
From Pamela Mattson Mc Donald
Please spread this around.
I attended the rally on Monday February 12th, in Salem for the Clean Energy Jobs Bill SB 1070. For more information look in the February Hipfish for my article on the bill. This is VERY important for Oregon. We have all of our ducks in line.
The work on the Senate Bill since the time I wrote the article has been changed to SB 1507 and HB4001.
Pamela M2

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