Our September CREATE meeting is just a week away!

Be at the Blue Scorcher on Thursday, September 20 at 6pm!
We’ll hear from Dan Serres about what’s going on at Port Westward, about the supplemental environmental impact statement expected next month on the methanol proposal in Kalama, and about potential oil-by-rail legislation next year.  

Then we’ll want to hear from each of you about what you want from CREATE this “semester.”  Things on our minds include:
  • What might we do to help get out the vote in November?
  • We’ve had success saying “no” to fossil fuel projects.  How can we also speak out for renewable energy?
  • Where and how can we be most effective in defending the estuary and the river?
We look forward to rolling up our sleeves and getting back to work.  See you 9/20 at 6pm at the Blue Scorcher!
P.S.  If you have the time earlier that day, Columbia Riverkeeper is hosting a picnic in Kalama along the pipeline proposed to supply the proposed methanol refinery with fracked gas. See more details here about how to participate –  https://www.columbiariverkeeper.org/events/2018/youre-invited-picnic-along-pipeline-route. 
– RSVP to Jasmine@columbiariverkeeper.org for this event!

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