Second Ecology Speaker Series

Thursday February 21, 7 pm. Doors open at 6:30 pm.
219 COLUMBIA HALL Clatsop Community College

CHUCK WILLER, Director of the Coast Range Association
The Climate Crisis, Putting People Before Profits

MARY SCURLOCK, Coordinator of the Oregon Stream Protection Coalition
Private Forests, Public Waters: Why Oregon’s Stream Protections are Failing

Co-sponsored by Forest Visions Project and CREATE

CHUCK WILLER has studied forest management in Western Oregon for 25 years, focusing on the tax structure for timber companies in Oregon, the history of how the industry has lobbied to pay fewer taxes, depriving timber counties revenue, and how the industry has consolidated Oregon’s private forest ownership into large corporate companies that are Timber Investment Management Organizations (TIMOs) or Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS), driven by Wall Street. He will discuss new forest management policies and consider how a Green New Deal can apply to Oregon’s high-density carbon forests typical of Clatsop County, and local, state and national solutions for putting people before profits in solving the climate crisis.

MARY SCURLOCK is a lawyer and experienced freshwater policy advocate who coordinates the 28 environmental and fishing industry organizations called the Oregon Stream Protection Coalition. She will discuss how and why Oregon’s Board of Forestry and Environmental Quality Commission and other government actors are failing to protect the public’s interest in clean water and wildlife on state and private forestlands. The presentation will provide examples of logging impacts on water quality and aquatic habitat, gaps between state regulations and legal mandates, how Oregon’s forest and stream protection requirements are weaker than those in neighboring states, and advocating for stronger baseline regulations under the Oregon Forest Practices Act and its implementing rules.

Talks followed by Q&A

We look forward to your attendance and thank you for your leadership.

Chris Farrar, President, CREATE, The Columbia River Estuary Action Team

Roger Dorband, Forest Visions Project, Ecology Speaker Series Coordinator

The EcologySpeaker Series is designed to stimulate dialogue and discussion about climate change, educating for the future work force, and adopting protectionist policies and smart design related to the management of our great forests.The Series is part of The Forest Vision Project — co-imagining eco-education “living laboratories” that integrate art, cultural history, science, innovative building, and multi-media storytelling. The project is anchored by Dan McClure, CCC Librarian, Susan Banyas, multi-media artist, and Roger Dorband, photographer and writer.

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